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Touch is ineffective or abnormal2022-10-31T06:08:14+00:00

Check whether the protective film is torn (static electricity will affect the touch)

Whether the shutdown and restart are normal

Check whether the power adapter is stable

Does plugging in the USB mouse work? If so, restore the factory settings

Unable to enter the system2022-10-31T06:07:22+00:00

Check whether the power supply is unstable

Power on again after power off

Download the firmware and use computer tools to upgrade or call our national service hotline. A professional engineer will help you judge and guide you to solve the problem remotely.

WIFI cannot be connected2022-10-31T06:03:16+00:00

Check whether the WIFI network is valid and whether the password entered is correct

Close Bluetooth and reconnect

Device does not start2022-10-31T06:01:07+00:00

Check whether the power adapter indicator is on or whether the network port indicator is on. If the indicator is on, you can eliminate the power problem.

Check whether the key of magic mirror machine is turned on.

Double click the screen to check whether it wakes up.

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